We Can Find the Perfect House & Condo Insurance Policy for You

Most residents in Thailand who live in either a condo, a rental home or own a piece of property with a house built on it, Pattaya Insurance Center can provide a home insurance policy that is designed to protect each type of living situation.

Your home represents a sizable investment whether you are renting or are the owner. This investment is measured by all the personal property contained in your home, not just by the home itself. This is why even renters need to ensure that they are covered by a home insurance policy that will protect their belongings from theft, fire or water damage.

Condo owners need a different type of policy, but they need some of the same type of coverage against the same types of potential occurrences. A condo owner generally has some type of limited coverage provided to them by their juristic organisation (the condo association). But these policies typically only cover the construction of the condo itself. They won’t cover your belongings against theft, forced entry or water damage.

The Difference in Condo and Renter’s Insurance Policies

A condo policy can cover your home and personal property against natural catastrophes like fire, storms causing lightning and water damage and earthquakes. They also cover any breakage of windows, theft and armed robbery. And they cover bodily injury to third parties or any liability resulting from that bodily injury.

If your condo becomes uninhabitable because of the results of any of the above, it can also provide a temporary shelter subsidy until your condo is repaired and ready to be occupied again.

The policy for the free-standing home you rent will generally exclude any damage to the home itself caused by natural catastrophes. It will focus on yourself and your personal belongings and cover any losses that you may incur resulting from natural catastrophes as well as from theft, burglary or armed robbery.

Just because you haven’t made an investment on a rental property doesn’t mean that you have no investment at stake. Your personal property also constitutes a major investment and it is wise to protect that investment at all costs. By listing all your personal items, Pattaya Insurance Center can issue a policy that will cover your belongings from any loss.

A homeowner needs to be covered for all of the potential events that condo owners and renters do. Plus, they must also be covered for any liability resulting from additions and improvements to their home that can adversely affect their neighbours.

Being Covered for Whatever Type of Home You Inhabit

Knowing what you should be covered for and what your property owner or juristic organisation covers is one of the jobs of Pattaya Insurance Center. We can investigate your property owners or juristic organisation’s insurance documents and quickly let you know what they cover and what holes you need to fill in their coverage.

We can then design a policy to address the 

you have. Call us today to get yourself started on having a comprehensive home insurance policy.