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Golf – Boats – Jet – Skis – Drones

Serious golfers know that they can be held personally liable for any damage or injury they inflict by the simple act of hitting a golf ball. Some golf courses carry their own liability insurance that frees the golfers who use their course from this liability, but some do not.

Golfers who regularly play a lot of unfamiliar courses in foreign countries have learned long ago to carry their personal liability insurance, just in case.

But golfers can serve as warning to other people who indulge in pastimes that involve the use of potentially dangerous articles. Boating is one of the most common pastimes that seem to generate their fair share of personal liability accidents. Most boat owners know that, beyond insuring the boat itself, they should have personal liability insurance as well.

But the beaches around the Pattaya area are also home to people who regularly flirt with the potential expensive downsides of personal liability. Jet-ski riders, people who cycle along the footpaths, people throwing a ball or a disc on the beach, even drone operators can potentially be held liable if their toy of choice accidentally hurts someone or causes property damage.

By Being Covered, You Can Avoid Problems

Unfortunately, we are living in a litigious society these days. There are people who are looking to capitalise on common accidents that could happen to anyone.

As golfers have learned, not having personal liability insurance can end up costing you a lot more than a personal liability policy ever would. Causing serious injury to someone can cause a fun day at the beach to turn into a nightmare that may end up taking many years to settle.

For those who rarely take part in activities that could be considered potentially dangerous to the general public, taking precautions and ensuring that the public doesn’t get too close is generally enough to safeguard yourself.

But for those people who take part in these pastimes on a regular basis, your odds of causing damage or injury are significantly greater, particularly if you’re practicing them in a public space instead of a private and insured facility.

If you take part in activities that potentially could be viewed as dangerous to the public as well as other participants, you should consider protecting yourself by taking out a personal liability policy.

A Personal Liability Policy Acts as a Security Blanket

Having a personal liability insurance policy can cover you in many more ways than simply a mishap on the golf course or at the beach. Think of it as your personal security blanket that protects you from anything that may happen where your liability is a question.

If you charter a boat or plane and the chartering company turns out to not have the proper amount of liability insurance, it can protect you, as you were the charterer of record.

It can also protect you in the event that you come down with a serious illness that your medial insurance doesn’t cover. A personal liability policy can cover the cost of extended treatments for cancer and Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses that will take prolonged and steady treatments to deal with effectively.

Pet owners will also breathe a little bit easier knowing they are covered from whatever mischief their pets get into. A dog bite can become a big problem if the victim develops complications from it and multiple visits to the hospital are necessary. If the victim has to lose income because of the dog bite this may another area where you are held to be liable and be forced to pay for their loss of income.

A dog or cat can also cause extensive property damage to your neighbour’s home or business. Simply by exploring a neighbour’s property, they might knock over flammable or expensive items and cause you to be held financially responsible for their losses.

Understand the Laws Regarding Personal Liability

At Pattaya Insurance Center, we’ve seen both the benefits that having personal liability insurance can provide and the consequences of not having this type of liability insurance. We can explain the Thai laws regarding personal liability so you can make an informed decision as to whether you need it or not.

We want you to enjoy and practice your lifestyle to your heart’s content. However we also want you to be safe and insured against accidents while doing it.