Let Us Find the Right Medical Insurance Policy for You

Thailand is known throughout the world for the high standard of its medical facilities. We boast at having access to some wonderful state of the art medical facilities.

But, if you don’t have medical insurance, the standard of health care that you receive can be predicted on how much money you have to spend, instead of finding the best providers. It is important to receive the healthcare that you need, when you need it, not just what you can afford. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Pattaya Insurance Center offers a number of medical insurance plans that fit a wide range of lifestyles and ages. You and your family will be able to enjoy your lifestyle and related activities knowing that if something goes wrong, you will be fully covered for any medical costs.

Medical Plans to Fit All Ages

We provide medical plans to fit all stages of your life, from regular neonatal care for new-borns to healthcare and wellness plans for retirees. We understand that different stages of life call for different types of healthcare.

As you and your family go through life, we can adjust your medical insurance to suit your circumstances. By establishing a long-term relationship with our clients, we get to know them and are able to recommend the best plans to suit their health needs and budget.

First Class Medical Treatment

For expats facing a dire medical emergency resulting from an accident, repatriation to their country of origin may be considered by doctors and the patient to be the best course of action. We can provide for the costs of an expensive repatriation in our medical coverage.

For both expats and Thais, we also offer dental, out-patient and maternity coverage to suit their lifestyle. We can provide insurance for pre-existing conditions that will ease the burden on finances to effectively treat these conditions on a long-term basis.

In all our medical plans, our goal is to provide you with first class medical treatment whenever and wherever you need it. Emergency services, hospitalisation, surgery, laboratory services and prescription drugs are just some of the areas where we aim to provide you with the only best that the medical services of Thailand can provide.

Rest Easy with Pattaya Insurance Center

You owe it your own peace of mind as well as your family’s to have a medical plan in place that will let you rest easy from any worries about how you will pay for any medical situation, should it arise.

As expert insurance brokers, we can provide you with that peace of mind. Make an appointment with us. Go through life with confidence, knowing your medical worries will be taken care of.


Our most popular medical insurance is Group Policies available to Expat Club members offered by leading Insurance companies.

Premiums for these Group Policies offer considerable savings over medical policies taken out by an individual.